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Add Additional User to Blackboard Site

Use this form to request additional users to be added to your Blackboard course sites.

Roles that users can be to your site include:

  • Instructor: The instructor has complete access over the Blackboard course functions.
  • Teaching Assistant: TA's have almost the same access level that the instructor does, with the exception that a TA cannot change user availability in courses.  Also, their name will not display to students as an instructor in the site.
  • Read-Only Access: User will be able to access the course content (excluding Grade Center) but not be able to edit.  They will be able to copy and export content from the site as well.
  • Student (non-official): This user will be added to the site with Student access.  This is only on Blackboard, so they will not be "officially" enrolled in the site (that would need to be done through Banner).
Requesting Instructor Information:
Course Information:
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