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Non-Academic Student Complaint Form

Please note that complaints filed more than 30 days after the incident will not be accepted. 

Please note that if you haven't talked to anyone regarding your concern, the Complaint Form will not be accepted.  You MUST make the effort to talk directly to the person who is identified as the cause of your complaint. 

A non-academic student complaint is one that relates to non-instructional incidents or concerns, including the following: a difference or dispute between a student and University personnel; a service issue regarding University policies; or unfair treatment.  This form is used by the student to submit a formal complaint that has not been resolved satisfactorily with the faculty, staff, or others involved.  Please complete all fields so your complaint may be directed to the proper University officials.  All complaints must be submitted electronically by using this form.  Submitted forms will be processed by the Dean of Students Office.

Your VU assigned student ID (A#).
*If no, you must talk with the person you complained of
Be specific regarding who, what, when and where.